Team Building Barn Naming Animal Sponsor

$100/month - Animal Patron

Package includes:
- Personalized sponsorship certificate to display on your office wall
- Your sponsor animal's story with photos
- A collection of greeting cards featuring the rescued animals of Charlie's Acres
- An annual gift and updates on your animal
- Exclusive discounts and advance notice of events
- Acknowledgement in our End of Year Newsletter
- Access to our Sponsor Facebook Group with exclusive content
- A personalized thank you video featuring your sponsored animal

- Quarterly 15 min pop-ins to your team's Zoom meeting to check in on your sponsored animal

$250/month - Corporate Partner

Package includes all Animal Patron benefits PLUS:
- Annual team offsite for up to 30 people at the sanctuary
- Annual virtual tour for your entire team
- Monthly mentions on social media *


$500/month - Corporate Champion

Package includes all Corporate Partner benefits PLUS:
- Sponsor logo in monthly newsletter that reaches 4000-6000 viewers *

- Quarterly Meet & Greets with sponsored animal and your company's VIPs

- Access to our scenic picnic area for meetings (by appointment)

- Your company logo at the barn of your sponsored animal to be viewed by ~2,500-4,000 visitors annually

- Exclusive corporate sponsorship for your animal